Long before recorded history, many thousands of years ago, there was a city on the banks of a river called Saraswati. Agriculture flourished here, as did commerce and the industries of pottery, iron and beads. And then, the mighty river changed its course and finally dried up due to the immensity of the encroaching desert. The winds of change buried the city under the sands of time and for the next four thousand years or more, it lay entombed below the dunes as millenniums slipped silently by on the hot desert surface. And the ancient city was forever lost to memory and then one day in 1962 it was rediscovered as much by accident as by design. After nearly 5000 years it was dug out from the womb of the earth near sand bound village in north Rajasthan called Kalibanga.

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They were amply rewarded when Dr. A. Ghosh of the Archaeological Survey of India stumbled upon this site at Kalibanga one winter day in February 1962. Eager to establish that Indus Valley Civilization was truly Indian in character, Kalibanga was taken up as a prime site and feverish excavation work took place in a manner more technically advanced than what was done at Mohanjodaro and Harappa. With scientific precision, Kalibanga was exposed to the light of the day like a body exhumed for analysis and interpretations.
Though not as big as its counterparts across the border in Pakistan, Kalibanga nevertheless became a major site of the IVC-a monument to Indian history and history of man. But then came years of neglect. It seemed after the digging was over, no thought was given for conservation of the excavated site. Temporary solution proved completely ineffective against the fury of the elements. The precious evidence so painstakingly excavated finally crumbled into unrecognizable rubble. It is now over thirty years after the excavations stopped, and as yet there is no final report of the digging done at Kalibanga. If it was officially written, it never got published for public use. So today, the IVC site of Kalibanga stands not only completely destroyed but also forgotten.

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