The City Pilibanga (also spellt as Pilibangan) is a "DHAN MANDI" (bazzar) and a municipality in Hanumangarh district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.It's a major city own region.There is something special about people of this area which you will notice immediately - simplicity. You might come across a rich man but you will hardly find any attitude or show off tendency....they are down to earth people and they realy mean it....They love to loves to eat sweets, Kadi (made with onions) and kinnus....!!  read more »

Kalibangān (Hindi: काली बंगा) is a town located at 29.47°N 74.13°E on the left or southern banks of the Ghaggar (Ghaggar-Hakra River), identified by some scholars with Saraswati River[1][2] in Tehsil Pilibangā  .... read more »

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